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Home Improvement Financing 

Although we do not provide in-house financing options, we would like to provide you with information regarding options and potential opportunities for financing your home improvements.  For many hard working Americans, our home is one of the largest investments we make. Maintaining that investiment is crucial.  Issues left unrepaired can lead to more damage, greater repair expenses, and depreciated home value.  Below are a few link that provide you with grant and loan information that may be helpful in maintaining and improving your investment.  

Replacing your Roof

When your roof has reached the end of its life expectancy you take a great risk in delaying its replacement.  Water intrusion from an aged roof can cause damage to wood components, sheetrock, electrical wiring, and more.  Also, many are not aware, but your homeowner's insurance policy rate also increases according to the age of your roof.  The SC Safe Home Mitigation Grant Program offers grants to qualified homeowners for certain home retrofits.  Click here to learn more and apply for a grant.

HUD Recommendations
Maintenance & Repairs

The Department of Housing and Urban Development strongly suggests keeping your home well maintained to preserve its value and avoid expensive home repairs.  If financing is necessary they advise that you clearly understand all costs for the necessary repairs and read through the terms of finance carefully.

There are two FHA lending programs that they recommend.  Find out more by visiting their website at Fixing Up Your Home

or calling 1(800)767-7468. Advises
Home Improvements

Home improvements, such as bathroom and kitchen upfits or whole room additions are another avenue for increasing the value and personal enjoyment of your home.  Angela Colley provides several insights to obtaining a home improvment loan in her article for  

Home Improvements

The Tri-County area is experiencing a boom of new construction. A kitchen or bathroom upfit can help to maintain or improve your home's value in this market. Some homeowner can qualify for grants and assistance to make home improvements and improve quality of life.  Check here to see if you qualify for assistance. 

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