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Screen Tight System and DIY Repair Tips

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The Screen Tight System consists of five parts:

1) The Base; Base comes in widths of 1 1/2 or 3 1/2 inches. The base attaches to the framing and it holds the screen in place. 1 1/2 inch base is installed on 2x4's, these are usually the horizontal members of your porch framing. 3 1/2 is typically mounted on the vertical 4x4 posts of your porch framing.

2) Fasteners; The type of fasteners used is determined by the material that the base is being fastened to, ie. treated wood, red wood, etc. It is always a safe bet to go with stainless steel fasteners on wood. Never use a drywall screw for treated wood applications.

3) Screen; There are three basic types of screen that can be used in this system. Common widths of screen are 36", 48", or 72". Lengths greatly vary.

a. Fiberglass - easiest to install and great for DIY application.

b. Aluminum - More difficult to install and less forgiving. More durable than fiberglass.

c. Copper - Pricey and extremely difficult to install. Looks great and has maximum durability. Highly recommend professional installation.

4) Spline; .175" for fiberglass screen, .160" for aluminum and copper screen. Spline holds the screen in the base track.

5) Finish Cap; This attaches to the base and covers the spline for a neat and clean finish.

Quick DIY steps for repairing a tear:

-Remove finish cap by gently prying it from the base on all four sides of torn screen. Start at the bottom and work towards the top, or top down. Never start in the middle.

-Remove spline using a screw driver to pry it from the track from all four sides of torn screen. Be careful not to damage the base track.

-Remove the torn panel of screen. It should fall out aftre the removal of the spline.

-Cut new screen from roll, approx 8 square inches larger than the opening.

- Beginning at the top, lay your new screen over the track and insert new spline. Work down the two sides, first one and then the other using the screening tool. Finish the bottom by pulling the screen tight as you tool the spline into the base groove.

- Cut and remove excess screen carefully with a razor knife so as not to cut the spline or new screen. A 1/2" overhang is acceptable, too much overhang will interfer with the finish cap.

- Press finish cap into grooves of base, snapping it into place. A rubber mallet can be used to assist in this process. Finish cap can be reused, in most cases, from the orginial installation.

**Ladder tip... always have your ladder on a flat surface, facing the area in which you are working. This is safer than working off the ladder side.

Contact MSC Construction if you have additional questions that we may assist you with.

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