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  • Sean Connolly

Springtime Home Maintenance

Now that you have evicted any winter pests from your attic space, it is time to perform spring/summer maintenance to your home.

We suggest several important measures to improve your home's performance in the coming warmer months.

~ HVAC service: Have a professional service your system. Have it cleaned and checked for leaks.

~ Landscaping: Trim back limbs from trees and bushes that may overhand your roof and damage your shingles or scrape and damage your siding, soffit, and gutters.

~ Gutters: Clean leaves and debris to ensure proper run off.

~ Roof: Remove leaves and debris from the roof and inspect for damage or wear. Remember, you can save on annual insurance costs by upgrading old roof systems.

~ Pest control and energy savings: Inspect your home for gaps, holes, and cracks. Check windows, doors, pipe intrusions, etc. Fill gaps, repair screens, caulk crevices and replace weather stripping to improve your electric bill and prevent bugs from entering your home. Ensure that your termite bond is in good standing. Empty any standing water to prevent mosquitoes.

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