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  • Sean Connolly

Critter Control!

Snow cream, snowmen, snowball fights and critter tracks. Our recent weather may have brought some of that beautiful white stuff to the Lowcountry, but the colder weather also encourages pests to seek warm refuge in cozy attic spaces. Local snow covered roofs displayed some of this unfavorable activity with notable tracks leading up to attic vents. This is a sure sign of unwanted attic dwellers. Rodents such as squirrels, mice, and even raccoons can cause extensive damage to your home. They chew wires and wood components, steel mesh, aluminum flashing, and sheet metal, defecate on and destroy insulation, and may use cardboard and insulation for their bedding. Their damage to the exterior eaves of your home allow for potential water intrusion.

DO! Make sure that the pests are out of your home before making repairs to seal all points of entry and openings. Pests will frantically try to get out and can cause exponential damage in the process.

DON'T! Discharge firearms inside the attic space to remedy the pest problem. **We have had to repair plumbing from a homeowner using this method. Call a professional or research the habits of your pest to determine the best way to rid your home of them. Cautiously check for nests/babies. Trapping is a humane way to remedy pest problems.

DO! Make repairs promptly. Pest infestation over time causes increased damage to your home and potential health issues for you and your family.

DON'T Trap or kill pests without checking into local laws and regulations. Certain species are endangered and fines can be levied if pest control is improperly managed.

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